Additional Higher Level Revision Notes

IB Chemistry revision notes made for the Additional Higher Level exam boards. This covers all the topics and modules for all specifications.

Topics that are covered include 12. Atomic structure; 13. The periodic table—the transition metals; 14. Chemical bonding and structure; 15. Energetics/thermochemistry; 16. Chemical kinetics; 17. Equilibrium; 18. Acids and bases; 19. Redox processes; 20. Organic chemistry; 21. Measurement and analysis

12. Atomic structure:

13. The periodic table-the transition metals:

14. Chemical bonding and structure:

15. Energetics/thermochemistry:

16. Chemical kinetics:

17. Equilibrium:

18. Acids and bases:

19. Redox processes:

20. Organic chemistry:

21. Measurement and analysis:

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